A social worker from the home health agency wants to come and talk to us. How do I prepare for the visit?

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Follow up: The social worker was really very nice and gave me many community resources to get help from. I had no idea some of these things existed. The greatest thing was a service that would come give her a shower! I'm capable and willing to handle much of this journey (I hope I don't contradict myself in a few days!) OMG, the OT will probably never come back and I wouldn't blame her. I'd never seen such horrid behavior. That activity I know I can't (and won't) set myself for.
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A social worker looks at the whole picture when doing a home visit. Don't be nervous-they are there to assist to set up the best plan for either at home or in an assisted living or long-term nursing home. They look at physical, emotional, financial and spiritual needs. They can provide valuable information about community resources such as adult day care, senior center, transportation and meals on wheels. Social workers work closely with physicians, nurses, and therapists in home setting or nursing homes. They can assist with forms such as power of attorney for health care for future medical planning. They can assist in setting up lifeline services and medical needs in the home setting. Do not be nervous about the visit-they are there to provide assistance and support to aging seniors and their loved ones. Good luck!
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