My Dad is now having Delusions, aggression and he becomes very agitated. He wants to go home when he is already home and wants to visit neighbors that have passed or moved. If we tell him he is already home and those neighbors are gone or moved he gets really mad and acts out. His neurologist prescribed 0.5mg of Risperidone a a typical anti psychotic. Has anyone else had experience with this drug with their loved ones suffering with this illness?

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Thank you so much. I have done some research on the drug and I think everyone either loves it or hates it. I guess it depends on the individual. Thanks for hoping it works for my dad. His doctor is wonderful and is really trying to help and he really does listen to us.
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I have no experience but if you type respiderone into the site search you will see that it has come up often on the forum. From my reading people either love it or hate it, unfortunately all medications to treat behavioural problems are hit and miss, you need to watch for side effects. I hope it works for you and if not you have a doctor who is willing to experiment a little and who will listen to your concerns!
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