My aunt is 92 never married / we live abroad but she contacted us and requested that we get to america as she wanted to include us in her will. We her nieces are only family, 2nd cousins got health and POA.

We woudl write and call her during the years but she lived an eccentric lifestyle and was happy on her own. Over the years we all visited her in America but she was a loner and I think that was a result of the fact that my father and aunt were separated. When they were 8 - my dad was brought up in England by his grandmother and my aunt in america and a lot of promises broken for both of them.
she took ill in december and ended up in hospital and our cousins informed us that they had power of attorney and health proxy they further informed us that she was incapable of making decisions of any kind we asked what we could do but they gave us no answer. we travelled to see our aunt in january but she was not in great health - the health proxy -our cousin was very offhand with us - the bottom line is our aunt is very wealthy - has made several wills and has ended up in assisted care the cousins have given back her apartment and she is safe where she is with 24 hour care. I have spoken to her 5 times in last week - she wants me to visit and talked about her business interests - very normal and rational,
what I would like to know is what rights have we as next of kin to health information on our aunt and making her life comfortable and our cousins have the right to allow us to see health and power of attorney forms.

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You have no rights and she is too demented to change her Will. Stay where you are.
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You have every right to be concerned about your aunt. However, as her POA, your cousin has no responsibility to prove that he is POA or to share your aunt's personal business with you. You aren't considered "next of kin". Your cousin is.
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