She is in the care of my brother who does not let me visit her or pick her up. Or talk to her on the phone

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Baudelia1, I see in your profile that your Grandmother has Alzheimer's/Demetria.   I wonder if the illness had gotten to a point where Grandmother cannot communicate.

Also note that there comes a time where taking a person who has Alzheimer's/ Dementia out for the day could disrupt the whole night and onto the next day for the caregiver.   If that is the case, your brother should communicate that with you.

Yes, you should be able to see your Grandmother, but only if it doesn't disrupt her routine.   Routines are so very important.   It wouldn't be your fault, it is just the nature of the illness.
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Dear Baudelia1,

Yes, you do. You love your grandma and I'm sure she would love to have more visitors. It seems strange your brother will not let you see her or pick her up. Or even talk to her on the phone. I find this highly suspicious. What do the other family members think? Why would he isolate your grandma in this way? I think you might consider contacting social services for assistance? Or if she suspect any abuse at all to call 911 for someone to check on her welfare. No one should be isolated from visitors or family. The elderly need more company not less. I would pursue this further.
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