What are my rights as a caregiver when a client accuses me of stealing $140.00?

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I live in the state of Washington. I was recently working for a client through and agency in home care. The client drinks constantly and fights with his wife. I was his caregiver,,but they had me taking care of her as well. Came to work one day and they accused me of stealing & 140.00. What are my rights?

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It's hard to refute this. Father says that I'm stealing from him. With your situation, it like hearsay. You said, she said. Unfortunately, unless you have proof that you didn't take it, it will be hard to refute 100%. In the past, did you take money from them to buy stuff on their behalf? If not, then you can honestly look at everyone in the eyes and firmly say that you never ever took money from them. Not even to do any grocery shopping, etc... If you have, did you provide the receipts and the change back to them? Too bad, you don't have one of those handy scanners where you scan the receipts and it goes into the "internet cloud."

But, I think you need to check with your agency on what's happening, tell your side of the story, and hope that they know that you are telling the truth. Or is your agency the one that accused you of stealing from the clients? Again, hard to prove your innocence. Just good old fashion denial, swearing on the Bible, and put as much sincerity in your case. In the future, it would be best that you insist on NOT doing them as your client.
Yes my agency has put me on suspension until I hear from the state. I have to wait for a phone call from them. The State decides whether or not they believe me and then turn around and tell my employer the outcome.
I have bought them several items with their debt card and brought them receipts upon every occasion. Everything from Cigarettes to booze.
I am totally innocent . I am not able to work until I get this ONE phone call. So, I lose my insurance for the whole month and cannot work. It is not right that the caregiver has NO rights whatsoever. I understand about all the theft that some have done and taken advantage of the elderly. I am totally against that of course. But, when he does happen to someone that is accused for no reason,it is not right!
Your heart was in the right place, but you are dealing with dementia. Of course, using their debit card was a risky decision, because they forget where the money went. I hope your name is cleared soon.
Thank you for both for your help. The money that they say was stolen was cash. So it did not come from a debt card. They said they had put in a monkey in a jar! LOL I have NO idea what they are talking about and have never seen it! I am just curious if anyone has ever gone through this before?
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This actually is a bad situation. I've recently learned in PA for instance something stolen over $50.00 is no longer a misdemeanor. I think it is really hard to be accused of something you did not do. Then to face consequences for not doing what being accused of. I think you need to protect your rights. This has got to be very anxiety provoking. Check out the website AVVO I've used it successfully and get into the category which applies to you. You should get a response with in 24 hours.......these lawyers do this and give back to people their time. No its not fair...... get mad and fight back!
I'm sorry that you're going through this. My father is also on the accusation stage. He accuses everyone of something. Gov't caregiver stole this or that. The private caregiver stole money from him, etc.... WE all know he's at that stage. So, I don't believe him and file a complaint with the caregiving company because I'm being accused of things too. But I am aware that as he progresses in his senility, that sooner or later, he will call the police on me. I'm frantically keeping receipts, logging all cash expenses or petty cashes I give to him. And just recently, I started a medical log. Documenting everything in case I get accused of elderly abuse/neglect. Because he's also accusing me of being a terrible caregiver. It's hard as a family member, but I think it's even worse when the accusation is towards non-family members. I always worry he might call up the company and complain about the worker and get that person in trouble.
I am so lucky my husband is quite easy going, he didn't used to be, he is on ciprolex now and it has made a huge improvement. In the support group I attend twice a month we learn so much from each other, when my husband is saying he doesn't want to do something or take his meds I just tell him, he has to, I do not give him a choice. I learned a long time ago not to ask him if it is important, just give it to him or take him where necessary in a kind and caring way, I will say, you need to take this, it's important or you will get sick, or when having to go somewhere and he says, I don't want to go, I tell him he has to, he made a commitment and they are expecting you. He goes to an adult day program one day a week and that is how I him get him to go, he always has a good time when he goes but comes home and says, they didn't feed him and I know he gets a great lunch, and he will say, I don't want to do that again and I agree because next week we do it all over again. He still gets to choose some things like dinner and TV programs etc.
I was totally unprepared for this roll when we first got the diagnosis and thought I can't do this but here we are almost five years later and with help from the support group and a few work shops we are stumbling are way through. It is like becoming a parent, just because you gave birth does not mean you are an excellent parent, trial and error, learn what works and what does not, every alzheimers victim is different but similar. My husband needs 24/7 watching and none of his family step up and offer any help, I feel very alone some days but then there are still moments when we cuddle and snuggle and that is what I will miss the most. Yes our life changed, retirement's not the way we had planned.
I hope my story will help some of you in your daily struggles.
I was accused of stealing money from my client but I did not. Her son took me to court and I have a felony charge.
I was accused of first degree burglary and larcency and elder abuse
i was recently accused of asking a client for a pain pill now it is reported to aps what happens now

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