My sister moved next door to me and is causing problems for me as a caregiver. She is at my house every weekend her daughter comes and in and out of my house as she pleases she is 21 now. The reason I am here is because they were abusing her and we'll now I am being extremely abused.... She left my house last night and said my mom can fire me! I need to know my rights... My Mom doesn't get enough from social security and she makes me pay her bills... She told me the money I make taking care of her is hers and I disagree but still pay her bills my sister uses the car that I pay for too.... Do I have any rights here.... Signed used and abused!!!!

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If it's your house and not your mother's, then change all the locks and keep it locked. When they try to visit without calling, don't open the door. Don't let them in. They want to visit your mom? If she's able to walk, offer to take your mom on a stroll to visit your sister of next door.

Why on earth do you allow others to use your car? All of my siblings and their kids know how tight I am about letting anyone use my car.
1. My car is only insured under my name. When I renew the insurance annually, I never listed any family names as 'other drivers'. Insurance will only cover accidents if I'm the driver. Good excuse for me to Not lend my car.

2. I wouldn't dare let anyone drive my car. If they totaled it, I cannot afford a new car since I've got debts. Another incentive for me to Not allow anyone to drive my car.

You need to decide what is acceptable behavior or not towards you by your sister and niece. If needed, maybe seek group therapy on self esteem or some other programs. Maybe therapy to help you find out why you allow others to walk all over you and help you to set boundaries.... FYI, I'm the sucker in my family but I'm very possessive of my property. That's what keeps me from being a total doormat to the family..... The answer to your question is yes you do have rights IF the house and car is only SOLELY under your name.
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Why are you allowing your sister to lounge around your house every weekend? And why are you allowing her daughter to come and go through your house as she pleases? And if it's your car, why is your sister hopping in it and zooming off whenever she wants? Are you giving her the keys?

What you need are boundaries. If these behaviors are not OK with you then put a stop to them. However, if you live in your mom's house I think you're going to butt heads with your sister about coming over every weekend. Is she coming to visit your mom?
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Your primary right is to remove yourself from this dysfunctional situation.

Yes, your mom can fire you (unless she has been declared incompetent). And you can also quit.

Your sister spends the weekend at your house, without your permission? How did you come to allow that? Your niece comes in as she pleases? Why do you allow that? It doesn't sound like you are exercising the rights you clearly have -- to control access to your house. (Or is it your mother's house?)

I suppose we could sort out what your rights are and how to enforce them, but it might be better just to remove yourself from this toxic situation.
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