I can not afford it even though social services wont let him come home.

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You ask if you have the right and state that you can't afford it. Are you paying for the care now?
You have to balance your rights with your responsibilities.
If you husband needs the care, you have the responsibility to keep him where he can get it. If someone else is his guardian, then no, you would not have the right to remove him. I'm sure you are glad he is being cared for.
I can understand that you would be concerned about the cost. Did you discuss this with Social Services?
As Jeanne asked, give us more information so we can help.
Take care of yourself.
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I'd be wary of removing someone from a place of care, if doctors and social workers think it's not safe. There could be many repercussions. Is the county his Guardian? In that case, you may not have the authority. You might need to consult with an attorney about your legal status and your options.
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Why is he in a care home? What kind of help and services does he need?

Why is Social Services involved? Why won't they let him go home?

Where are you? (State or country.)

A little background will help us give better responses.
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