They say it makes Dad sad.After stroke Power of Attorney for my dad my brother and sister-in-law made it clear they would decide where he lives and who he sees. They say dad knows nothing yet he recognizes my wife and I and a lady who was very special to him. Poa talked about selling his house and belongings the third day in hospital after stroke. They moved him to a nursing home 50 miles away and since his friends are elderly the drive for them is long and friends no longer visit. Poa has also told family members not to visit cause it makes him sad when they leave. They also have all his mail come to their house so he doesn't see the cards and letters. In front of dad they talked about including my oldest brothers ashes with dads when that time comes. I tell them not talk about things like that in front of dad and reminded they have poa and they can do what they want. Since that day my dad has refused to eat drink or take meds, its been about 2 weeks now and his days will be few. I am beyond heartbroken the times dad looked at me hoping I would take him home. There is nothing I can do and I feel just terrible. Do you feel its right to tell people not to visit and not give him cards and letters?

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If he has not been deemed incompetent, why are they acting as if they are in charge. He can revoke the POA and appoint someone new. A stroke doesn't necessarily mean he's incompetent. Too bad he picked them as his POA, but it can be revoked. Can you explain that to him?

If that is not an option, I'd seek legal advice in the county where he is located to see about getting control from the POA if they are indeed not acting in his best interest.
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No. I think they're deliberately cutting off contact with him, to his detriment. As his son, you should know him well enough to know if he's comfortable with this situation, and if he's not, you may have be aggressive to ensure that you can still see him.

I would also have a private talk with his nurses and someone on the administrative level to see what their observations are, and if they support your brother's and SIL's position.
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