What relief is there for people with rheumatoid arthritis?

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Many of the treatments have a long list of side effects. Does acupuncture work? My mother is an active 82 year old and this has become increasingly debilitating.

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Do they still do Gold injections? That helped someone I knew with rheumatoid arthritis?
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Jbmcphee- I am a relatively young woman and have had RA for 20 years. RA is debilitating and PAINFUL. The good news is today's medications are a million times better than the old standards.it used to be medications were used to primarily address the pain. You might feel much better, but the underlying joint damage was still going on. Today's biologics not only help you feel better, but stop further deterioration. I am sitting at the hospital waiting to go home from my second knee replacement. This will give me mobility I haven't had in almost 15 years. Very exciting for me. The medications do have side affects, and everyone is different. I would first find a good rheumatologist. They can help find the right treatment plan. At 82, I would be more concerned with helping your mom feel better, and don't worry about long term side affects. The first step is a good rheumatologist.
They do have the gold treatments still and the results seem inconclusive. To MyWitsEnd, thank you for your response. I hope the knee replacement goes well. There seem to be many new therapies out there, but also seem to sometimes cause other problems. She is in a very rural part of the country and I cannot get her to come to the big city for perhaps a better list of therapies. If there was a treatment that is a real winner, I might have half a chance.
Jbmcphee- so, the new biologics are a life changing treatment, at least they have been for me. Have you seen commercials for Enbrel, Humira, or Remicade? These are a new class of drug that were introduced in the late 90s. Enbrel is a weekly injection while Humira is every two weeks. Remicade is delivered via iv once every 4-6 weeks in a doctors office. All work to slow the progression of RA. All of my joint damage was done before I started taking Humira. Now, I almost never experience pain and stiffness that was an every day thing. My new knees is the last repair To the damage done before I started taking the new medication. The side effects can be scary- increased risk of infection and a slight increase in some types of lymphatic cancers. For me, the ability to get out of bed and live life made it an easy decision. I had a great-great aunt with RA who was taking Enbrel well into her 80s. I would get your mom to a good rheumatologists. They are hard to find sometimes, and your family dr may not be up on the latest treatments. But, once your mom was on a good treatment, she probably could do follow up visits for bloodwork with her local dr. Getting her to a good dr is the first step. The advances in RA over the last 15 years have been life changing.
Yes, acupuncture will work...But mainly do not neglect giving good vitamin food. That will help more.

I am a 55 year old woman with osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia as well as depression migraines and anxiety. I'm quite a mess. Anyway my friend told me about CBD oil which is taken from the hemp plant. I've been on Percocet for many years and they are not talking about reducing the usage for patients so I have to look for an alternative. I did a lot of research on this. The hemp plant CBD oil is legal in 50 states because it has a very low tiny level of THC in it which is the component of the plant that makes you high. Marijuana CBD oil has a higher level of THC in it and is illegal in the 50 states. I'm not telling anyone to go out and buy this, but I do want to tell you that it has changed my life. I have been groggy and drugged up for almost 10 years and I'm disabled officially. Since taking the CBD oil my fibromyalgia immediately went away my arthritis is so much better. I am now able to get out of bed in the morning without any pain at all which I know you all know is huge. I can move around all day without any pain. My anxiety is going down my migraines have stopped. I still get headaches but they're not migraines now. The best part besides the arthritis relief is that my head is much clearer and I can focus and think clear. I haven't felt like this my old self in a long time. Since starting the CBD oil the very next day I was up and moving around and outside running around the stores. Having been isolated and homebound for so many years it's this huge for me. Again I'm not telling anyone it to take this, but do some research for yourself and find out and decide what you want to do. It can be purchased at many places online and again the hemp plant CBD oil is legal in all 50 states that is what you're looking for. I wish you all luck and prayers for your pain I know how debilitating it is I hope you're able to find relief. I have started taking Lyrica, it is help some. but nothing like the CBD oil. I take it throughout the day when I get anxiety or I start to get a headache.
So she goes to a doctor who prescribes prescription medications and you are refusing? You seem to be playing doctor here without being one. You may be denying her a quality of life rather than a painful life. DO WHAT THE DOCTOR PRESCRIBES. The label usually mentions right next to the side effects that benefits usually outweigh the risks. Give her her meds

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