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GoGrannyGo, you have more information in your profile. It is always best to put all the info in your question as many of us do not go to check the profile details. Assuming that if the details are not in the post the profile is not likely to be completed.

Unless it is not a cadaver liver transplant, you have no way of knowing when that surgery will happen. Are you prepared to drop everything at the last minute?

Before committing to providing care after a liver transplant and spinal surgery, you need to investigate what community care options are available. Will there be visiting nurses? Who will manage wound care, bandaging etc? Who will help with bathing etc?

Do you have the physical strength to help a person transfer?

Would you be on call 24/7?

Are there children in the picture? What about pets, yours or theirs?

Do they have their paperwork in order? If they are not prepared with their POA and Wills, I would say, sorry I cannot help until this is done. I would also insist on being privy to their HIPPA info.

Is there space in their home for you? A nice private bedroom, a sitting area or craft area where you can continue your hobbies? A TV or computer for you to use at will.

Are you all in the same community, or will you have to move and give up your social life for the time being?

What about the other set of parents? What help are they offering?
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Need much more detail here or can't give opinion. What kind of surgery. Why move in and are you speaking of permanently? Where does everyone live? More info would be such a help.
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Short answer: I agree with DollyMe - don't do it, find another way.

We do need more info to give good answers though -- What kind of surgeries? What are their needs afterwards? Do the surgeries overlap, or could you help one, then go to the other and help them? If they overlap, can either one be rescheduled to allow you to help one child at a time?
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Don't do it. You can assist and not live there. Trust me, this will not work.
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How many are having surgery and who’s on Medicare, you? If you have multiple children having surgery, are you sure you can handle it? Are there many young grandchildren you’ll also have to care for? And houses? Cooking? Can you give more details for a better answer?
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