Mom was living in assisted living then following admiitted to a NH that provides rehab therapy currently (covered by medicare + insuarance). This runs out soon. I do not think she can do what she did before the fall without the risk of falling and due to the risk her decline in health I am afraid to move her back to assisted living as she may not be capable of caring for herself anymore. Maybe I am in denial. , returning her to assisted living might be a big mistake, Then I could loose the NH bed if she cannot make it at AL. Either way witht he huge costs mom will run out of moeny soon either way and the AL does not accept medicaid where the NH will. I am so overwhelmed. Should I hire an elder attorney to advise me?

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The rehab staff supports her returning to assisted however they feel with her mind she will make a mistake and fall soon and in addition to other health issues mom may medically qualify NH. A process has been started by the NH Preadmission Evaluation (PAE) is in process. I m not sure if mom will qualify as I do not understand all the requirements. They are very complex rules to the NH qualifications. Then there is the process and spend down rules and etc.. Thank you
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Consulting with an attorney specializing in Elder Law would be a good use of some of Mother's funds at this point. Clearly she is going to need to apply for Medicaid and a lawyer can guide the application process to be as advantageous to Mother as possible. For example, Spending Down on items Mother needs and running out of money sooner might make more sense than not applying until all the money is gone.

What is the Rehab staff saying about your mother's ability to function in Assisted Living? Do they think that she is medically qualified for NH?
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