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Cynthia, as you know Medicare begins in your 65th year.

Curious why you are retiring now? Unless you are caregiving or have health issues, keep on working. It's the best mental health you can do for yourself.

I am 72, and still at my career.
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This is really something you may want to talk to someone at your Office of Aging about. We are all from different states and Countries.

There is straight Medicare and a supplimental. Or there are Medicare Advantages that I personally will not go with. Look up the definition of Medicare Advantages.

What you first have to find out is what insurance companies your State allows to write policies. Then you have to find out what ones your doctors except. Some have very high deductables, 2k to 5k. You have Medicare deductables and supplimental deductables that have to be met yearly. Some suppliments have copays. Mine has a "share" clause. Medicare pays 80% of what they feel is reasonable. The supplimental should pick up the 20%. In my case, we pay half of the 20%. What you pay depends on how often you will use the insurance. The cost of the insurance maybe more than you will put out of pocket.

Yes, it can be confusing and you need to do some research. Like I said, ur O of A maybe able to help. See if there are any seminars in you area explaining it all. We have a local AL that does this and welcomes nonresidents.
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