Hi, My brother recently passed away and he is married to a woman for less than 5 years. They have been separated for 2.5 years (not legally) after she found out he needed a leg amputation. Nobody would take care of him, so I, his youngest sister, stepped in and got power of attorney and health power of attorney to help him make decisions til he could get his right senses back. The anesthesia from the leg amputation, made him off his game for a while, but he came back for most part but stayed in a nursing facility. He got medicaid while he was there and less than a year the nursing facility sent him to a hospital for medication review and then next day packed his things and said they did not want him back. He ended up staying at the hospital for 180 days, and then went to hospice for 2 days and passed away. He has a life insurance policy he had gotten from his work years ago, for $10,000 and had put me as beneficiary so that he would know he would get a proper burial. Now, after 2 and half years not knowing where wife went or even if they were really married, I have taken care of funeral arrangements and now she is getting a lawyer to go after his life insurance. We are in the state of Ohio. Would appreciate if you could tell me what I need to do? Thanks in advance

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very shameful Jessie for sure. I could never do that to anyone. But I looked online and thru general motors is where he retired from, it is a group term life policy. So online it says if it is term life then she is entitled to half...ugh. But he paid for this out of his check and was paid for way before she came in picture. I know she is entitled to his social security, but he took her off of his pension, so she could not claim that so I guess she is mad.
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BTW, if she gets a lawyer to go after $10K, she would end up paying the lawyer most of it even if she did win. That would not be smart. This would have probably been small enough to handle in small claims court. Did she tell you she was getting a lawyer or did you hear from the lawyer. If she told you she was, it was probably just a bullying technique to scare you into giving her money. Most attorneys I know wouldn't even take a case for such a small amount unless there no real work involved.
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If your name was given as the beneficiary on the policy, then she has no claim on the money. She is totally shameless to desert him, then to come back and do this.
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