I am helping an elderly neighbor who owns her home free and clear worth around $200,000. Her only income is $900 per month social security. She has ms and is disabled but can still live alone unassisted. She frequently falls and spends time in the hospital for treatment from her injuries. The majority of her medical and medication expense is covered by medicare/medicaid. She is drowning financially and gets a little deeper in debt (credit card) each month. Her living expenses exceed her income and she can't even afford homeowners insurance. She would like to sell her home which is much larger than she needs and purchase a smaller condo for around $100,000. This would leave about 100K in cash left over. She does not want to go into an assisted living facility.
What options are available so as not to be disqualified from receiving medicaid benefits? Is there a time period in which she has to purchase another primary residence while remaining on medicaid. Is an annuity an option. If not ???? Help please!

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