I would like to know what are Resident Trust Fund Statement?

Legally binding. I have been getting Resident Trust Fund Statement for the VA nursing home saying that I had no shortage. Last month I get a bill saying that I had not paid my fathers RX bill from Oct 2018 after showing I had been paying the bill. They said that I had missed a Care payment back in Oct 2016 none of the Resident Trust Fund Statement reflects a miss payment for the last three years.

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My brother in law is in a veterans home. The resident trust fund there is just for his personal use, such as haircuts, outings, stamps, clothing, etc. It's voluntary whether to set it up, and since he's private pay for now, he can have as much in there as he wants. Once he's on Medicaid his personal needs allowance would go in there. My husband is poa and pays the monthly fees and pharmacy bills for his brother from brothers funds, and puts in money to the trust account from those funds. The facility would never transfer money from the trust fund to pay their fees. Legally, they hold those funds in trust for their residents. The resident trust fund statements just show balances in and out, including what the money paid for, e.g. haircut, meal while on an outing. My husband receives both the facilty bill and the trust statement monthly in the same envelope, and pharmacy bill separately. If you've been paying all the bills on time, you may need to take cancelled checks or bank statements to the facility business office to get it straightened out.
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Mom is on Medicaid for her care? Then this "fund" is for her personal needs? If it works like a regular NH, depending on the State, money is put aside from residents SS for their personal needs. In my state its $50 a month. This money cannot be used for anything but Moms personal needs. Like said for a hair cut/styling, clothes, favorite candy...

If Mom is on Medicaid they should be paying for her Meds. I would ask the billing office for somekind of statement so u can review it.
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You need to ask the business office about the missed payments. 

The nursing home where my Mom lived has a "Resident Trust Fund" for each resident.  It acts like a Savings Account.  The resident or his/her family deposits around $50 every couple of months and the resident can withdraw the money from the "Trust Fund" whenever needed to pay for the in-house hairdresser, to purchase items from the in-house "Boutique", or use the money to attend activities outside of the facility that the Activity Department has scheduled, such as eating a meal at a fast food restaurant or attending a play or movie. 
The "Resident Trust Fund" is not used to pay for the resident's "Room or Board" or the Pharmacy for any prescribed medications.

Apparently your parent's "Resident Trust Fund" is set up differently.
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My mother has the same type of Resident Trust Fund at her nursing home. But, I do remember reading the fine print when we established that account and it said that if there was a medical charge or medical supply charge for anything done at the nursing home that was not covered by any insurance then the nursing home could take the funds from the Resident Trust Fund. It has never happened, because Medicare and Medicaid cover everything.

But, just writing about it because I remember asking a lot of questions about it in the nursing home finance office.
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