hy everyone,i'm krisztina and i know somebody who is in this situation. he was working with he's future wife as caregivers (live in) in a gome one day tgat lady( early in the morning) told to girl that she doesn't want her in ger room and she want to be take care of the boy ( i'm gonna name him 'B'). later ,after dinner i think,tthe lady( resident of the facility) call 'B' to bring her a tea and ask gim to make her massage because her back was hurting her.he go out of the room and tell to he's future wife to go and help the llady.when she enter in bedroom,the resident was already speaking with her family at phone,saying that "B" m*****bated in her back.of course it's a long story ,at the beginning she accused him of the same in her mouth,and after on her neck, and after she said that on her back. Now "B" is in big troubles. at the beginning he receive a letter that informed him ,he's no longer allowed to work in any residential care facility. and now he receive another letter who announce him that CCLD is taking action against him to defend that resident. i know it's complicated ,but who can help him. i know this young couple verry verry good,and i know 100% that they are innocent. "B" didn't make that thing. i'm caregiver to in a RCFE and i know that old people sometimes are mean and make-up some incredible stories. please,,tell me if you were in a situation like this and what you did. maybe this will help them.

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