Looking for an online bank that will set up a representative payee account to manage Mother's affairs from a distance?

I manage my mother's affairs from a distance acting as her new representative payee payee, what banks understand how to set up this type of account?

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I think most banks do. One thing I would consider is setting up an account with my own bank to receive automatic payments for my mother. Most banks have online and mobile account management now, so the account could be managed online.
Thank you for the fast reply! I do have the ability to create an online checking account, but when I contact my online banking they say they will only set up joint accounts...this is not allowed in this case nor do I want to allow the potential misuse of her means of living by my mom's inability to manage her funds.
It is better to use a local bank in your area that offers on-line service. Much easier to go face to face with a bank rep if there should be an issue.

Curious why you aren't allowed a joint account? My Dad and I had set up several joint accounts at one bank that read "John Doe or Jane Doe" so I can sign on his behalf. One account was checking. The other was a Money Market.

These accounts were only used for my Dad, to pay any of his bills, and for him to reimburse me for anything I was paying, such as the caregivers. Any time I wrote a check, I made a photo copy of the bill and the check right on the bill, before mailing it out. This was important just in case down the road my Dad might had needed Medicaid.
I would set this up in person, since it is a rep payee account. I wouldn't know how to do it online, to tell the truth. It will be in your name as the rep payee. I wouldn't want to guess how to set it up in the right way.
This isn't very informative. It is from the SSA about setting up an account. The last sentence is what I would be most concerned about.

"A checking account is better in some ways, because you will have cancelled checks or statements that show how you spent the funds. If you decide to use a checking account, consider that some beneficiaries cannot keep balances high enough to avoid service charges. But if you must pay bills through the mail, a checking account might still be cost effective because cashier's checks and money orders have charges associated with them, as well. You should set up an account that minimizes fees and enables you to keep clear records. We encourage using interest-bearing accounts. You must title the bank account so it is clear the money in the account belongs to the beneficiary."
I just thought of the accounts my mother had for her grandchildren. They were titled JB's Mom for JB's Grandkid. The accounts had both my mother's and the grandkid's SSN on them.
I thought that only Social Security office could approve Representative Payee for social security funds.

That is true, but you have to have an account to receive the money.
Do you have PNC in your area? We used them. Their customer service isn't what it was years ago, and they've added fees. But they were able to set up the acct.
Oh, just to add, we set up the acct in person but they allow on-line banking. Are you trying to find a bank that will allow you to open the account on-line, or just manage it on-line?

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