Is there a place where you can report if you feel you as a caregiver and your loved one were scammed or exploited? -

Is there a place where you can report if you feel you as a caregiver and your loved one were scammed or exploited?


This person was assisting with my husband. At first it seemed she was good with him. Then when she would take a break for a week, I always noticed something with my husband and he ended up in the hospital. Even bruises. Because she was working with another family, when I met her it was as if she was ok. She started working with my husband and again, things seemed ok. That was while she was at the facility he was in.
Once he came home and she asked if she could come to NC from Virginia to assist, I said ok. I felt he was familiar with her, he would not have to get use to a new person after being moved, but most of all I kept telling myself it was what was best for him, it was not about me.
Well she came in July, left in November. By the time she left, I had seen a thief and a liar. She tried to take control of our home, never paid anything or brought any food, used my telephone all the time.
After she left, I had to keep contacting her because she was a 1099 - contract employee and would say she did not know her social and left it in Virginia. So once she left, I called her many, many times. She never gave me her social. I started to look at the court cases and put her name in. She had a few brushes with the law. I then call the State of Virginia to see if she was register as a CNA because that is what she was paid for. Well, I learned she has never been certified in the State of Virginia. So then I looked for her cosmetologist license in the Stave of Virginia and no license there and she stated she was also licensed for that as well.
Now I learn she was getting food stamps in Virginia and while living in our home never once purchased any food for herself but would steal and eat and cook up what we paid for. She stated she had over $1100 in food stamps waiting for her in Virginia. So I reported her to Department of Social Services Fraud Unit, they said they had her in their system. I forwarded all the checks I paid her so they would know she was getting paid in another state while getting the benefits. I also learned she stole personal items out of our home, soap, 4 purses, towels, suit and these were all new items that was in our home. I think every day something else will come up missing when I look for it. After receiving two certified letters requesting the items back and trying to send the 1099, this last attempt, the address has been changed. All telephone numbers have been changed. So in essence I feel we were targeted and this women got over on us and made over $12000.
She kept trying to get us to allow her so called husband to come and do some handy work, but I could not and would not have two strangers in our home at once. I am really glad I did not allow the man in our home or the situation would have gotten worst, if it could have gotten any worst. She tried to take control until I allowed the other side of me to let her know she was in our home. I just feel like this person and her man have done this before.

Please tell me if there is anyone I can report this to since they are in another state.

I do not want this to happen to anyone else.

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For North Carolina, check - you can report this to a fraud investigator at website: ncdoj.
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Do not give up on this one. This person should not be allowed to prey on another victim. Local police, state police, local paper, local television... $12,000.00 is not peanuts. Don't try and be a gumshoe yourself. Don't roll over. Continue the fight.
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If you've sent a detailed report to the DSS Fraud Unit, that's about all you can do there.

You could copy that report to the facility where you met this woman, so that they can learn their share of the lesson too.

I suppose you might as well send it to the police, it can't hurt.

You could put the history on Facebook; but be very careful to state only facts that you can prove (in court, if necessary).

You could report her false claims of professional qualification to the respective accrediting bodies.

I'm afraid that people who make no bones about midnight flits and sudden changes of address and telephone number, and who won't hand over information on perfectly reasonable request, and who steal and lie and cheat… these people are quite happy to change their names, too. The next victims are probably finding out all about her, only under her new name.

The most valuable thing you can do, you've already done, and that is: to serve as an example of how honest people who are happy just to take a person at her word can get royally shafted. That's why we're all advised to carry out checks before we let people into our homes. It's good advice, thank you for reminding us to take it seriously, and I'm sorry you've had such a miserable experience.
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I have reported this person. I think this is larger because of the address change so suddenly and the telephone numbers. These people are in another state. I have phone records as well and I am going after this woman. If I do not report it to any and everyone I can, she or they will do it again.
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So sorry! I agree with pstegman. I'd change all my locks and get an alarm system..
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Water over the dam at this point. Unless you demanded ID and SS card, you really have no recourse. You don't really know for sure who she really is. Next time hire through an agency.
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