Sibling1 has been living with Mother and Father since birth, now over 40. Has never paid rent (considered a licensee in state). Has not been a purposeful caregiver. Father has multiple conditions, including early on-set Alzheimer's. Mother has been in and out of hospital for colon cancer. Went back in after a fall. Cancerous tumour has metastisized, is non-operable and termina. She is just getting through pneumonia. Sibling2 was called in from far distance. Sibling2 was not aware of how bad living conditions were at home.

Sibling1 has acted against both parents with emotional abuse, financial explortation and neglect. Sibling2 has photos of home conditions, including mounds of trash in living areas, rotted food and cat food in sink, cat feces and dander all over house and basement, litter boxes filling over and not being emptied.

Sibling2 went to hospital to see mother, mother was to be released to home. Sibling2 informed social services of home conditions and negelct. Social services did not allow release, and worked to find "in patient hospice care" and moved both mother AND father to be together.

Sibling2 has reported Sibling1 to Adult Protective Services.

Both Sibling1 and Sibling2 are listed on the Durable POA as Co-Attorney-In-Fact. However, based on the neglect, Sibling2 wants to know if Sibling1 can be disqualified as a Co-Agent based on APS findings.

Hope this is general enough in gender, and specific enough in detail.

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Yes, you need an elder law attorney that can file a motion with tge court for removal based on evidence available. Or call Adult Protective Services they may be able to help.
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