My father is 86 years old and recently facing memory problem,eventually it is Alzheimer.
Now he is living back to his young age of 20.

At his age of 20 he left his village and work in city.leaving his sick mother and two children(me and bother).

Now he wants to visit his old village where now no one from our family resides.
He is lot worried about his mother and children.

He does not consider his current house as his house.
He every day morning want to go to village,
he will start crying and weeping and adamant to just go.

kindly help me how to sooth him.

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cwillie gave great suggestions, my Mom is continually asking to move in the home with me, and I am running out of explanations and answers that satisfy her. I know that what she really wants is to be independent, have a decent memory, have her old life back, and moving anywhere won't give her any of that. She's got enough cognition left to try to promise things, like cleaning the house every day, but not enough to realize that she will wander off and get lost.

I love cwillie's ideas and suggestions for your situation, it seems reassuring.
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Deflect and redirect instead saying no. When he wants to "go home" there is no point in trying to explain that he is already at home, his reality is different than our reality. Tell him you have to make arrangements for travel and will get started tomorrow, or tell him it is too late in the day to start a journey, or that the trains aren't running because of xxxx, or some other logical? l reason that you can't leave immediately.
And understand that even if you were able to take him back to his village chances are that he would not be content, he is remembering people and a place from long ago that no longer exists.
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