Anyone have or had a relative with colon cancer who can't go through treatment?

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Daddys lost another 17 pds in about two months. Hes lost over 60 pds in a year and a half. All bones. Doctor says he cannot see what is going on without a colonoscopy but that he may have colon cancer. He has alot of the symptons and always has stomach pain. Diarreah, constipation. But were not going through a colonoscopy because we would not do the treatments. I read you could live 5 years. Any insight?

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Blessings to you both. It's hard to watch your dad go downhill like this but the doctor is likely right.

My mom showed symptoms of colon cancer but refused even a colonoscopy because she knew she couldn't undergo treatment even if they found cancer

. I went along with her wishes, telling her that I'd do whatever she wanted to do (or not do). She lived another 8 years though in the last years she needed substantial pain relief in a nursing home and she had hospice care for her last months.

Still, I believe she lived longer than she would have if she'd had surgery. I do think that surgery would have killed her or at least set her back cognitively much faster than the route she chose.

My sympathy to you. I know how hard this is.

Thank you for your question. I need some clarification. Is your father refusing a colonoscopy? If so, there is a blood test that can help diagnose colon cancer. From your description, it sounds like your dad does not want treatment, if cancer is detected. I believe that it is very important to determine the root cause of your dad's symptoms (diagnosis). A diagnosis will help a physician properly care for your dad. If your dad has cancer, he can make the final decision regarding the best treatment for him. There are alternatives to chemotherapy. There are care and comfort strategies to improve your dad's quality of life, while he is here. If your dad has a diagnosis of cancer, or a chronic condition, you can ask your dad's Dr. about Palliative care from a local Visiting Nurse Association and Hospice, or Hospice, if appropriate. Your dad does not need to be on chemo, etc. to receive these services. Palliative care professionals can provide the kind of care that will help maximize your dad's comfort. Please encourage your dad to reach out for supports, and be proactive with his care, so he can have the best quality of life. All the best to you and your family during this challenging time.
My mother had colon cancer and had the surgery. She did not have to have a bag - thank God. But, she still died within 5 years. My mom refused any chemo or radiation and just died naturally. She did not want the years she had left to be filled with drugs and I respected her for that.

If you suspect cancer, then they can put him out for the colonscopy. I have to have one every 5 years due to my mom having colon cancer. I always am put out. I would not do it any other way I had a doctor at Kaiser in San Diego try to do the colonscopy without being put out and I grabbed his coat and said - you either put me out, or I am out of here. I got up, and walked out. I found a doctor who would do it the right way. I was clear. The problem I see with your dad having this done is the PreP.. It is horrible. God Bless and keep us informed
also it might just be diverticulitis (?spelling), that also could cause terrible pain and losing weight. there is so much that could be wrong that might not be cancer but could be taken care of. so what if he has a colonoscopy and it is cancer, at least he knows and the course of action he may or may not want to take. but at least you know what you are dealing with. good luck.
My dad had a bout of diverticulosis last year and he underwent a colonoscopy at the age of 89. The prep was a little easier because he was already a patient in the hospital. The nurse set up a potty chair next to his bed for him to use so he did not have to walk with his cane very far.
It just might be that he doesn't have cancer. The prep for the colonoscopy is worse than the procedure itself. There is more than one way to do a colonoscopy these days. Talk with the doctor about how a virtual colonoscopy might be an option. To learn more about this procedure, check this link out:
My husband was diagnosed with colon cancer a year and a half ago. Once we had the diagnosis, he was given the option of treatment of the cancer or treatment of himself (non-chemo or radiation). Ultimately he chose the chemo/radiation route. But the doctor said that if he did not want to do that, he would make sure that my husband would be treated for pain and other side effects and would be made as comfortable as possible. Healthyaging has given some good advice, which we looked into before we decided on the chemo approach. Hope this helps you with this decision.
Llamalover. I do not believe there is an age cut off for colonoscopy. Your GI might prefer not to do them after a certain age but people are far from finished at 78
Correction: I just saw my gastroenterologist yesterday and he said that there is no age cut-off point for getting colonoscipies. Why? Because each individual's uinque set of genes dictate how well or ill they are.
Get the colonoscopy! These are life-saving tests. Two of my relatives (my 77 year old aunt, who was an RN and my uncle who sadly refused to get his colonoscopy (he also had a brother, my father-in-law who got colon cancer. Both my aunt and uncle died from colon cancer! Unnecessary deaths!
I am sad to report, my dad passed away last week. We were sitting on the bed talking the night before. He had gotten up and got a rolaid so i know his stomach was not feeling well. But he must not have been in terrible pain because he layed down. When i found him, he did still however have the rolaid in his mouth. I wish i wouldve been awake. It has been very hard. Im in a daze. The funeral was on the day of the appointment i set for gi doctor. So i guess ill never know exactly what it was. I hope he died quickly in his sleep.

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