I work as a live-in carer through an agency. I only get out of the house twice a week for 2 h when the client's housekeeper comes to clean the house, and it is thanks to her I can go out. If she doesn't come or comes at a different time I am stranded. Groceries are delivered so there is no need going to shop. The client does not go out apart from hospital appointments. On one occasion when I was expecting the housekeeper to arrive so that I could go out and get myself sanitary towels, among other things, she phoned she's not coming that day. I phoned a friend to relief me so that I can go and get my things. Then I told someone from the office about it when they came to the client's house and they said they will come back to me. This was in February.
A friend who works as a live-in carer for Aging Care gets 2 h of relief every day(!). I would like being able to get out more often, eg. to yoga classes or for a walk. When the housekeeper had doctor's appointments and hospital visits herself or family matters stopping her from coming to clean the house I was practically imprisoned even for 10 days in a row without being able to go out.

Is my agency breaking the law? I am a long-term carer of the same cleint for nearly 2 years now. I normally work 2 weeks on/1 week off.

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I'd check you state website for labor laws and see if you can get anywhere. This doesn't seem right, but likely this is a state law issue. I'd look for a new agency if I were you. There should be some respite or rotation involved. You should have breaks and days off in order to do your best work. Good luck,
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