Has anyone had mother have rectocele surgery? Mom is a candidate but very reluctant.


She ended up being in hospital for anxiety and depression as a result of dealing
with the rectocele . Dealing with so many specialist has been a drain on her independent spirit.

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Oprah's vajayjay ... hahaha!

kate - go to a dot com website called HysterSisters and put "rectocele update" in the search bar. You will be able to read many personal posts from ladies who have had the problem and in some cases the surgery. Personal experiences are always just as important as doctors descriptions and high hopes, and are often overlooked.

I hope you find some valuable information there that will help you and your mom and your very difficult decision.
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How big a problem is this condition? Does it endanger her health? does it make hygiene a problem? Does it hurt? I have "relocations" in that area, and they can get on my nerves. Is it something that estrogen cream might help? It increases my comfort and my ability to ignore my vajayjay when not using it.

What an embarrassing condition for her to deal with. I hope the word "vajayjay" might make her laugh.
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