There are so many out there to chose from and I don't want to pick one based on low cost and get bad service, or chose one based on high cost and still get bad service. Our local aging center had no recommendations. My mother is 79 and lives alone about 15 minutes from me and I worry, but she's healthy, not on any meds, but she could fall and I want her to be able to summon help quickly should that happen.

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Dear Vsparrow: Look up www.lifestation. I used it for my Mom before she went into the NH and it was worth every penny. No charge for the basic equipment or shipping, live person response (no outsourcing), and they will initiate the emergency response (ambulance, phone notifications etc.) immediately even if the elder person does not communicate after pressing the button on the bracelet or necklace. Either way, help will arrive. I just got it for my legally blind Uncle, who is also hard of hearing, and when we set it up and tested it, he could not hear them respond over the loudspeaker (plenty loud). Not a problem! I have instructed him that he is never to remove the bracelet for any reason (it is waterproof), and have assured him that the ONLY thing he has to do is press the button and help will arrive. It is not expensive. Basic charge less than $30/mo. Good luck!
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