Anyone have SUCCESSFUL EXPERIENCE with dementia/Alzheimer's physician in Blairsville, Dahlonega, Gainesville, GA area. Please recommend!

What do you mean by successful experience? Someone who is empathetic, offers recommendations for specific care, or are you looking for improvement from proper medications?
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We live in Illinois but what We did was skip all the red tape and went straight to the DOCTOR THAT IS THE DIRECTOR OF THE VITA'S HOSPICE IN OUR AREA I knew he would be able to handel this ALZHEIMER'S BETTER THAN ANYONE HE'S AWESOME AND Auntie has been on HOSPICE SINCE NOVEMBER 2018 THAT IS 8 MONTHS GOING ON 9 SHE'S HAD MORE COMFORT AND UNDERSTANDING AND ATTENTION SINCE WE WENT ON HOSPICE THAN just seeing a general prac .... you can deny any meds you want or accept I AM COMPLETELY SATISFIED AND COMFORTABLE WITH VITAS HOSPICE CARE THEY HANDEL ALZHEIMERS PROFESSIONAL but if your not ready just try a Geriatric physician they know about Alzheimer's or a Nursing home Dr.
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