Recommendation for any companies that cover in home care up to 24 hours a day?

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I am from NJ and Trenton is a lot bigger than my little town south of it.
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markevans999, your best bet is to call your City/County council on Aging to see if they have a list of caregiving agencies.

Wish we could be more specific, this forum has caregivers writing from all around the world, so chances of someone from the Trenton area may be far and few between.

The caregiving agency I used was one on a list of a dozen that the local hospital had given me when my Dad was a patient. The one we used was a nationwide agency that was licensed, bonded, insured and had workman's comp for their employees.

You can ask for a different caregiver each day until you find one that is a perfect match for the person who needs caring. The one my Dad had chosen, when he needed caregivers, was with him for a whole year :)

Be aware of the sticker shock. The agency Dad had was costing him $20k per month for 3 shifts of caregivers each day, yes per month, but they were worth every penny. Thank goodness he saved for those rainy days.
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