Need recommendation for elder care attorney in central NJ area.

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Its hard on this site to personalize. We r from all over the US, Canada, UK and other countries. I live in NJ south of u and cannot recommend anyone. Never heard of an Elder lawyer until this forum. You'd be very lucky to find someone from ur particular area.

What do u need one for?
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I used Medina Law Group for a VA application. They aren't far from Trenton.
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i know how to search.
was hoping for a personal recommendation.
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freqflyer Jun 24, 2019
Personal recommendations are difficult to find on the forum since this website has caregivers from around the world. The chance of someone from your area would be very far and few between. That is why we had recommended other resources.

Edit: I just saw your post JoAnn mentioning the same thing :)
Also check the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys website.
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marakevans, sorry no one has come on here to answer your question. Apparently there isn't anyone from the Trenton New Jersey area on-line.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page, click on "Elder Law Attorneys" and within that page you will find where you can type in your zip code. A list of Elder Law Attorneys should pop up. That is how I found my Elder Law Attorney in my area :)
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