Does anyone know how to turn in receipts for unreimbursed expenses for Veteran's Aid and Attendance benefits?


I applied for Veterans benefits for my mom. She was approved but only for $67 a month. I had gone back a year from the date of applicatation and submitted receipts, bank statements, etc. for everything...which is what the Veterans office told me to do. The approval letter said that they only approved the $67 because we didn't send receipts after the date of the application.

Is anyone in the same situation? Does anyone know how to go about turning in receipts, etc. I was told that I need to turn in a readjustment form with a letter explaining why she needs a readjustment. It is a monumental task at this point.
We pay for a caregiver to help her while I am at work. When I get home, I am "it". I help my mom pay for caregiving and for her living expenses. Do I turn in receipts for the caregiving I pay for or for anything I provide or do?

I am hoping someone out there is in the same situation and can give me some advice.

Thank you!!!!

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Try getting in touch with the Disabled Veterans Service Officer
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