Where can I obtain information on receiving payment for full time caregiving to spouse?


I have heard there is a program that will pay me to be the full-time caregiver to my spouse. I now work full-time and he is getting to where he needs a full time caregiver. I know there is a federal or state program that will pay me. He is a retired veteran and is not on medicaid. Does anyone have any ideas or direction to point me regarding this? Would really be much appreciated.

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Sorry, woomba, there isn't any nationwide program that will help pay you for being a full-time caregiver to your spouse. Now, some States like California and Connecticut have some type of payment program but I am not familiar with how they work.

With Medicaid [which is different from Medicare] I remember reading where spouses cannot be paid as a caregiver. I don't know if that had changed. You would need to check with your State Medicaid office.

Since your hubby was in the military, check with the Veterans Administration to see what programs they have. https://www.agingcare.com/veterans-assistance

If you do find something, please come back here and let us know.... we all learn from each other :)
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