If someone needs to be in an assistance facility, but can't qualify for Medicare/Medicaid because they know their own name, the President's name and draw $20 too much disability what can be done to get this person HELP???? When they are incompetent, fall alot, depressed, have dementia, is a diabetic, don't take their medication because of dementia, is a very sad situation to be in and can't get help....Had Medicaid and because of these 3 items listed above (name, President's name & $20 too much disability) the Medicaid was canceled....THAT IS A SAD EXCUSE for people not being able to get help .... Lawyer is the next step I guess .....

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Can't qualify because they know the answers? Doesn't makes sense, otherwise clear minded individuals who are no longer mobile and don't have enough money wouldn't be able to apply for Medicaid.

Sounds like the reason for denial of Medicaid was that your friend was over the maximum amount to qualify. I would think that Medicaid would still be able to help pay some funds for a nursing home [not assisted living]. But then again, each State has their own rules and regulations.

As Jeanne noted above, seek out an Elder Law attorney.
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A lawyer who specializes in Elder Law is probably next. That really is not how Medicaid is supposed to work. Have a lawyer help with the appeals process.
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