My mom has a 6 year old pug who has been her companion since 8 weeks old. We just had to place my mom in a nursing home after a fall and I have been caring for her pug for the past 2 months but I cannot keep the dog as I have a 5 month old German Shepherd who is too rough for it. My mother is extremely emotional about having to lose her dog. I've been trying to ask around but nobody wants a six year old dog due to their breathing and eye issues. Any advice on how to make this process easier for mom?

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Thank you for your great suggestions.
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If you're on Facebook. Post up there and ask friends to share it. Include a picture of the fog. Be sure to tell your story just as you've told it here. Just yesterday, I posted on MY Facebook that I'm looking to adopt an older German Shepherd. You might also contact veterinarians in the area. It's such a sad thing for these animals...faithful sad.
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I had to go through this with my cousin's cat when she went into Assisted Living. She had a special situation though, since she had severe dementia and was not able to care for the cat. so I was required to return the cat to the pet rescue where she adopted her from. It's in their contract. They are a no kill facility and will house her or place the cat for life.

I had no choice, but to tell my cousin that her cat would be fine until she got out. In less than a year and my cousin has no idea that she had a cat or house. Does your mom have dementia? If not, I would just tell her that a nice family adopted the dog and that he is very happy. Take a couple of pictures of the dog looking content to show her. I would prefer a fib to make me feel better.
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Look on the internet for a Pug rescue in your area. Most people who run these rescues are very compassionate people and just might know of another senior in need of canine companionship.
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