I’m taking mom to the doctor tomorrow to get a referral/orders for a SNF. She is now out of the hospital 31 days, but as I’ve mentioned before she has made no progress with 1 or 2 time a week outpatient PT, has not gained weight or stamina since being home and needs more than what she thought recovery at home could get her.

Any ideas what to expect? She has a secondary insurance that will pick up beyond the 21 day Medicare pay period but we’re hopeful she won’t need more than that and after our talk yesterday she is committed to working hard and getting back home, because even her doctor early on said she should recover well.

I realize that it’s more than the 30 days from discharge by a few days but mom dragged her heels until we all met as a family yesterday and my siblings told her, “Hotflash needs help.”

Input or advice would definitely be appreciated from this fantastic group.

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Was mom counting the days before she said yes?

What you are asking, I think is if Medicare or secondary insurance will pick up the bill for rehab after the 30 day after discharge window is closed.

I doubt it. But it never hurts to ask. Does mom have the funds to private pay, either for caregivers at home or a rehab stay?

One thing is clear. You can no longer care for her by yourself. The fact that insurance isn't an option does not mean you need to kill yourself caregiving.
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Hotflash47 Feb 24, 2019
She probably was.

If I can’t get her into a SNF she can’t afford home caregiving much longer, and I will need in home care for myself. She cannot walk, stand, bathe, any of it. And she is content at home to say “maybe later,” when asked to do exercise or bathe or brush her teeth.

she is still ill from her hospital stay and I do not have the means or skills to provide that specific care. If I can’t get her into a facility she’s going to need to find a way to pay for private care 24/7 until she is “better”. The abuse I get from her is all I can stand.
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I’m not certain what your question is. Are you asking about insurance coverage? If so, contact either the Social Worker at the facility or the financial department there. They know who covers what and for how long. Be sure of this before she goes because those bills add up fast.

If you feel Mom is sincere in her promise to “work hard”, then things should go well. Sounds like she has fallen behind quite a bit in her recovery. The failure to gain weight is concerning. The dietician at the facility should be notified if she isn’t eating and the medical staff should be aware if she is eating and not gaining weight. Physical therapy isn’t easy. Hopefully Mom has had an epiphany and knows she will not be returning home if she poops out on it. Ball is in her court, so to speak. Good luck to her. I hope all goes well.
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