Mom has no money and needs a place to stay. She is in a wheelchair and has a nurse come twice a week to help with her care in Virginia. I live in NC and if I have her move in, she needs help. Is there any way to get financial aid when I quit working to take care of Mom?

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It would be helpful to know your mother's age and yours because how long she might live and how far or near to retirement you are yourself would bear upon your question. Sounds like you need to look into her qualifying for Medicaid and find a good nursing home which will take Medicaid. I gather that you are an only child?
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You need to read a lot of this site and think very carefully about what life will be like in 3-5 years if you make this decision. There are very limited resources to assist a caregiver of a family member. Nothing will come close to replacing even a minimum wage job, no benefits. Sit down with someone you respect and trust and look at your plan and options. You are looking at a long term commitment. Again read through many of these threads and the discussions on financial matters and relationships. I know you want to care for your mom but it is a plan that often has hidden dangers.
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