It's been almost 4 years ago and it does not have a mortgage. We have been all expenses.We have been paying all expenses, taxes, insurance, etc. But now my husband may be be faced with a lay-off from his job and we are thinking of selling it.

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Wriggley, may I ask if your father-in-law is still among us? Your profile shows you are taking care of your Mother in her home, but no mention of your husband's Dad. Your answer would really help for further answers.
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First issue- where would you go to live if you sold the home?

Second - with no mortgage, you're probably better off there than moving elsewhere. If you moved to an apartment, the rent could equal a mortgage payment, plus you'd have moving expenses and the challenge of living next to tenants of different backgrounds (i.e., some can be very noisy).

An alternative option is to contact creditors, especially utility companies, and see if you can work out a payment plan.

I'm assuming your husband will be getting unemployment comp, so that would give your husband time to find another job. What about you - do you have a profession or could you go to work?

But as to your question, there might be a clear title issue because title was transferred by a Quit Claim Deed rather than a Warranty Deed. You might consult with a realtor and raise this issue specifically to get a pre-emptive heads-up on whether it would be an issue.

I'm assuming, however, that there are or were no other contingencies in the transfer, such as maintaining the residence in the event your FIL needed to come live with you?
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