Hi. My dad has Alzheimer’s and I have a 5 month old service puppy in training (for my ptsd, anxiety, depression and lupus.). My dad likes petting her and touching her as she sleeps and loves when she comes up and gives him kisses. He freaks out when she nips or teethes, though. I correct her when she does (a trainer’s evaluated my dog—she’s being a puppy and not acting out aggressively) and I pick her up/carry her away when she’s riled up. I’ve asked if dad would prefer that I keep my pup away from him, keep her off the couch, etc. and he says “no”. He says it’s hard on him mentally when she bites. None of it’s easy on my nerves and it’s not easy on the puppy being a puppy (she trains several times/day, but she’s also loosing her teeth almost by the day.). I don’t want to be disrespectful to dad and I’m also trying to figure out a way to live realistically with a puppy in training. Suggestions, please. Thanks!

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Can you determine if anything precedes her biting? Maybe she gets restless, tired of being petted, etc. If so, you could monitor for those symptoms.

You might also try spritzing her with water; it doesn't hurt, but it can stop unwanted behavior.

Or ask the trainer what he/she suggests.
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Thisisb, I am moving your post back toward the front of the list. Maybe one of the caregivers have had a similar situation.
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