I assumed being Trustee for my brother, as well as power of attorney for financial when recently he was in a very serious car accident. At that time it was suspected that he had a brain tumor as well. He asked me to assume my duties while he was still in good enough mental state to make that decision, and after Rehab he went into assisted living. Though he is 85 now, he is going very well, and may in fact move out of assisted living in the fall (no decision to be made until then), and may choose to resume being Trustee of his own Revocable trust. My question for you is this. It was quite an expensive thing to get both the Trustee document changed and the POA--about 3,500.00 (yes, California is in all ways expensive). There was then the running around to banks, as well as everything else. Will it be any easier to get it UNDONE, or will it be just as difficult. Should we choose to be co-trustees in case anything happens again, so I can reassume duties? I am 75 myself and would love to give over having to do my own and his financial stuff, both. So am ready, willing and WILLING to give over and give back the Trust. But will it be just as much work as it was changing it?

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