Could someone give me more information of what they feel is a good agency and what helps them become more connected to the people coming out to the home? Thank you!

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ddjjport, when my Dad needed to have caregivers at him home, I called in an Agency. The Rep came to the house to interview the situation, and I, in turn, interviewed the Rep. What I had liked was that the Rep wanted to know Dad's likes and dislikes, and what was expected from the caregivers.

At the beginning the Agency would sent out a new caregiver for each shift, then Dad could choose whomever he wanted to be on a regular schedule. Dad found one caregiver who was an excellent match, she was really good at engaging Dad to talk, and they had very similar backgrounds growing up. Plus she understood his sense of humor. This caregiver was with my Dad for over a year until he passed, she worked the 7 to 3 shift. This gave Dad a great routine.

Dad also choose another caregiver for weekends who also was a good match, for the weekend 7 to 3 shift which is usually the busiest with breakfast, lunch, laundry, light housekeeping, taking Dad to see my Mom who was in a nursing home nearby. The other shifts Dad wasn't fussy as he usually was pretty tired by then.

Whenever a caregiver couldn't make her/his shift that day, the Agency quickly found a replacement for that shift. The Agency was licensed, insured, bonded, and had workman's comp in case any of their employees got hurt on the job.

I tried not to be helicoptering over the caregivers, which wasn't easy. I was just so protective of my Dad.
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