How do I put my name as joint tenancy on the property?


We took my dad's name off when he passed but left it in her name only. Any ideas how to get a 92 year old woman out of the casino. She goes with a 55 year old woman who comes to her house at 10 pm and they go out til the wee hours.

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She is taking an anti depressant
Yes we would like to know more abt this 55 yr old too
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Seems you have two questions.

1. How was your father's name removed? By Quit Claim Deed from your mother and your father to just your mother?

She would have to execute a new Quit Claim Deed to both of you. But whose idea is this, and what is the rationale behind it it?

If your mother hasn't updated her estate plan, it should be done ASAP. I agree with Pam on this.

2. How long has your mother been going to the casino, who is this woman, and are you concerned that she has undue influence on your mother, and is this the reason you want to retitle the property jointly?

If your mother has a gambling addiction, I can't offer any suggestions. If your mother is living with you, you could forbid the woman to come over. But that would likely antagonize your mother.

It would help if you could elaborate on the casino issue, if your mother is actually gambling and winning/losing, or if it's just social activity. More information on the 55 year old woman who's taking out a 92 year old woman to gamble would be helpful as well.

You stated in your profile that your mother has depression. Are the casino visits allegedly for therapy? Is your mother being treated for depression?
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It would be totally up to her to add you as a Joint Tenant with Rights of Survivorship. Obviously she is not incapacitated. She should however, sit down with a lawyer and do some estate planning. Soon.
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