This has to be one of the most difficult decisions that I as only child has to make for a parent. I needs to make this decision she's my mother she lives with me and I know her best. What I am afraid is if I get sick, who is going to take care of her? I do have a serious disease that I can become cripple. Keep in mind that sometimes we need to keep emotional feelings aside and make the decision based on the needs and caring of our mother and what's best for her and to assure that she's comfortable and happy.
Seriously, if I become ill, who would be able to take care of her, bath her, change her diaper etc........
I need to pray about it, before I cancel. I talk to Maria today about cancelling and now I'm getting mix feelings, I'm not healthy. I spoke to Bernie today and he did
call Heritage Woods and found out more information about the facility and still doing more research.
I spoke to the Doctor and she said that would be the best for both her and I because it shows her more independence and I can have more quality time with her. If I pass this opportunity now and later I have to do it, I'm looking at everyone has already made friends. This is a new place and everyone is new, this is a time where she can
make friends.
Medications will be locked up in a safe, they will come and give it to her.
I am also going to see if I can get hired on as a caregiver. I just talked to Maria at Heritage Woods before I cancel, to ask her if it doesn't work out for
her let say within 3 month or 6 months can I just bring her home. She said all I have to do is give a 30 day notice. Another concern she smokes will they monitor her cigarettes?

Requesting prayer, that I do make the right decision.

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Evelyn: You need to take care of yourself too. It sounds like your mom will get good care at the facility and you will be able to see her often. The stress of caring for your mom at home can also make your illness worse. I agree with Jeanne and also think you are doing the right thing. Hugs, Cattails
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It sounds like you have already given this a lot of thought and gotten input from others who know the situation. I think you are doing the right thing.
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