When should we put an elderly mother in a Residential Care home?


my sister is caregiver seriously worried about her depression which is due to taking care of our mother ...need info on residential care they live in jackman, small community, with no outside assistance available
caregive is burned out, we feel our mother is not quite ready for nursing home care and someone mentioned residential care which not familiar with?! can you give me some info? thank you

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I thought residential communities were those places you drove by that said they were for active people over the age of 55??For people who had no problems?
We have a technical school near us and they have a lot of peopel who graduate into CNA's and LPN's and they go into home health. l don't know where jackman is but maybe you have home health people who can help your family.
Some of the people who graduate in the technical program near me even are hired to go babysit in assisted living places just to keep older people companie when their kids can't go visit.
Also, I am depressed, too. I am taking medicine to help me cope. This is a lot harder than I expected. So much harder.
I saw something about adult day care. I am going to look into that to help, but don't have a lot of $. I am kind of afraid that I am in over my head here, and I'm in my 40's.
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Is your sister unable or unwilling to take care of your Mom? Are there family members who could take turns taking care of your mother? Are you able to step in and help care for her? Or maybe help in paying someone to come into the house every few days to care for your Mom, while you sister takes a break? I was in your sister's position - I was the only one who took care of Mom, despite my having a sibling. The depression came from the need to take occasional breaks, mini-vacations. etc. I loved my Mom and loved that we were able to be together. She didn't want to go to a residential community. However, even I need an 8 hour break from myself every night! Maybe your sister would be less depressed if she had some relief days that she could count on built into her schedule.
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I have often written that there needs to be at least one more alternative to elder care. My Mom is mentally sound, but has some mobility issues. An ALF would not work for her because you need to get yourself to a communal dining room...which she cannot. However, she does not need the extreme care of a NH.
I think residential communities may be the answer. I hope someone, who has had this experience, will pipe in.
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We certainly understand caregiver burnout.
Please read this article to learn about the differences in the types of living options that are available:
I hope that this will help you understand your options.
We thank your sister for being a caregiver, and thank you for being supportive.
AgingCare.com Editor
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