Older sibling lives 4 hours from mother who has dementia. Youngest sibling moved back home to take care of mother 3 months ago. Older sibling is primary on DPOA, but original has been misplaced, and he is secretatively taking mother to see lawyers to get POA and Will generated. We know because she told us. He will not tell us anything. Does anyone have info on public guardians for seniors? It would be nice to speak with a person that does not have vested interest in personal gain, but had the best interest of my mother and what she needs.

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To get a guardian, you have to go to the social services agency of the county where your mother resides and speak to someone in the Adult Protective Services unit. They help seniors who cannot take care of themselves and need care. They can talk with you about getting a permanent guardian appointed for your mom through the court system. I had to do it myself two years ago and am still in touch with my mom's social worker. Getting a guardian appointed who has the best interest for your mom will stop all this secretive stuff and foolishness. Do this tomorrow so a social worker can get involved. A permanent guardian does not have to be family, but anyone who has a vested interest in your mom and who can prove he/she will do right by your mom and not mistreat her in any way.
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