My father in law has terminal cancer and is going to be released in 48 hours from the hospital.

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This is just a forum for Q & A and advice. Home Care is provided through a script from the oncologist or primary care physician for home health care. You and/or family then contact a home care agency to make arrangements for them to come.

Hospitals in my area have discharge planners who are either nurses and/or social workers, and can make suggestions as to home care agencies. However, I've found that there can be unspoken and hidden relationships, so your best bet is to choose your own home care agency if your FIL goes with your SIL.

The Area Agency on Aging in your SIL's area may have a list if the discharge planner doesn't. You and your SIL can work to create a checklist of what to ask to determine if they meet your requirements, then make the calls.

If you don't like the home care agency though, and/or have difficulty with them, you can replace them.

But I do think (based on your other post) that hospice would be the more appropriate choice to bring in.

Good luck.
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