My 90 yr. old mother is on the brink of needing assisted living (severe arthritis in knees and hips). My oldest sister lives with her and is her caregiver. The deed to my mom's house is still in my mom's name. She has willed the house to my oldest sister. Question: If Mom goes to an assisted living facility, what can/will happen to her house and my oldest sister's home there? There is a stipulation in my mom's will that upon her death, my oldest sister can stay for a certain amount of time in decedent's house. Thank you.

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Thank you vstefans for responding. Your comments are a helpful start. My family is looking into special equipment and reconfiguring my mom's two-story home so she can stay on first floor. She should not use steps anymore! She is being evaluated by occupational therapy this week to determine what the next step will be for her care. Thank again.
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Nothing happens to the house automatically that I know of, unless it has to be sold to pay bills. No reason sister would not conitnue to live there with Mom's permission.

You may also want to look into part-time home care and/or getting lift and other mobility equipment at home to make it possible for her to stay there esepcially if that is what she and you sisters really want. A home assessment by occupational therapy or home health could help you assess that option. Actually, in some places, mobility is the determining factor in assisted living versus skilled nursing and you might be a lot better off financially to keep care at home in that case.
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