My mom has dementia and lives with me.I have poa etc. she has some cd,s and savings. Her wishes are for that to got to her kids not a nursing home if she needs to go. How do I protect her money.

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You'll have to consult an attorney who specializes in Elder Law and is extremely versed in Medicaid rules.

Basically it is harder and harder for middle-class people to be able to leave something for their family. We are living so much longer now, and getting chronic conditions very expensive to treat. Most of us use up our funds on out own care. Sad indeed, but true.

Mom would like to protect her money to give it to you and siblings. Wouldn't we all? If it is possible an Elder Law specialist can provide guidance.

I hope that while your mother is living with you she is paying you room and board and perhaps something for caring for her. That is a very legitimate way to pass some funds on to you now. Waiting to "inherit" it may be pointless. There may be nothing left to inherit. And shouldn't you be compensated now for your expenses?

I also hope the her payments to you are covered by a written agreement spelling out what you provide, so the payments won't be considered a gift when she applies for Medicaid.
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