I have a stepbrother that is up to no good. My Dad has dimentia and his son from a previous marriage is constantly hitting him up for money and asking for large sums to pay for DUI's, invest in restaurant ventures, just crazy amounts of money, He has no problem asking my Dad for $400,000 any time he sees him. Because of the dimentia, my mom divorced my dad because she couldn't stand living like that. So, the money has been divided in half leaving my Dad with dwindling assets to live on and he has no income coming in because he's retired and all of his investments have turned out to be bad decisions. My evil stepbrother was in town over the weekend and was taking care of my Dad and gave him the wrong medications and my Dad was very confused. I feel like he may have even done it on purpose but my family thinks I'm being paranoid on that one. Everyone agrees that evil stepbrother is a freeloader and opportunist and criminal but not so sure on whether or not he is a murderer. However, he does drink drunk and have seizures on the road putting other people's lives in danger every day. This guy is bad news. Any ideas on how I can protect my Dad?

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Kelly, if Dad is making these allegations, bear in mind that dementia patients often have delusions, they believe things that never really happened.
A son from a previous marriage would be your half-brother.
Your Dad should be getting Social Security, so he does have income.
What can you do? You protect Dad. You make sure he does not drive. You get him a housekeeper or you clean for him yourself. Be there for him.
Set up his medications for him in a seven day pill box, so next time it won't get messed up.
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Kelly, someone has to step in and get financial Power of Attorney, while your Dad is still be able to appointment someone.... so arrange this quick before your Dad's dementia gets to a point where he wouldn't understand what is a Power of Attorney.

The financial Power of Attorney can place their name, along with your Dad's name, on the checking accounts [ask the bank for the correct wording] and have all the bills come to his/her address, not your father's address. The POA will keep the checkbooks, financial statements, etc. Thus, if your stepbrother wants money, he would have to go through the financial POA.

I took over all the finances for my Dad... all I said to Dad was let me help you organize all the bills and I will write the checks. Dad was more than happy to let me do that.
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Who is caring for your dad? Does he live at home or in a facility? Who has PoA?

That person van get an order of protection on dad's behalf.
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