My sister took over my mother's checking account in 2012 after a man scammed my mother out of $25,000.00. We prosecuted him and he went to jail. When my sister took over, my mother owed nothing on her credit cards and had money in the bank. In December of 2015, I discovered that my sister and her daughter had maxed out my mom's 3 credit cards and opened another one, which they maxed out as well. All the payments that were made on the credit cards were made from my mother's checking account. My sister paid her bills out of my mom's account. In December 2015, there was almost no money in my mother's account. In total, they took about $180,000.00 and left my mother $46,000.00 worth of credit card debt. My brother and I went to Probate Court to gain Guardianship and Conservitorship over my mother. My sister moved herself into my mother's house and we found out shortly after that, she had my mother sign over all of her property, house, and vehicles to my sister. The Probate Judge, after seeing the documents (all checking account statements and credit card statements), gave guardianship to my sister and brother and me Conservatorship. We appealed the decision and the Judge would not remove her even after we proved that my sister lied in court. The judge ( who is elected and not even a lawyer) would not allow a written statement from a doctor stating that my mother should be in assisted living. I have filed a police report in March 2016 giving them all the same documentation I used in court. They investigated until November 2016 and then gave what they had to the District Attorney, who now has paperwork. The Assistant District Attorney has not even decided whether it is an official case yet and they have had the paperwork for 4 months. What can you do if the police and District Attorney are dragging their feet in prosecuting an obvious criminal?

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Perhaps call your local tv news team???? You know how they have stories shaming wrongdoers and lax government officials. Common citizens cannot go up against government intransigence. I've called them on other matters not pertaining to caregiving and they do help sometimes.
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