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In California, (if I'm not mistaken), IHSS (In Home Support Services) will pay minimum wage BUT, your parent has to qualify (then apply) for Medi-Cal first. There will be an evaluation for her disabilities and she'll be awarded hours. She may have to pay for part of the services.
You will have to apply at IHSS and take a class, pay $38. to be fingerprinted and then record your time working for her.
I'm not sure if dementia is a 'covered' disability. If you're in California, call the IHSS office.
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Tracy, the vast majority of grown children do not get paid to take care of their parent... unless the parent has funds to pay that grown child. If yes, then you would need to draw up an employment agreement stating the number of hours you would be working, what days you would have off [if any], the chores involved, the hourly rate, and who will be paying the payroll taxes.

Otherwise see if Mom qualifies for Medicaid [which is different from Medicare]. Depending on your State, as each State has their own rules, regulations, and programs, you may or may not have a program that would pay you. If yes, the pay will be very minimal.
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