She is in a nursing home with Alzheimer's but they don't have enough chairs. She never leaves her room due to her risk and history of dizziness, fainting and serious falls. Has had many back surgeries and spine is fused with a steel rod and screws. Her cognitive limitations make it impossible for her to navigate and steer herself manually. Thanks. BTW, we live in south central KY.

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Medicare B does cover some needed devices but I doubt that a power wheel chair would be one of them. They are very basic in what they cover.

There may be place in your community where you can rent wheelchairs. Try the Arthritis Foundation or any medical supply store.

As for an agency that will pay for a power chair, I can't be too optimistic but if I were you I'd check the Kentucky website. Type in the word "aging" and see what comes up. Then try "disability" and also "wheelchair."

I'm assuming that you've talked with the nursing home social worker about this. If not, he or she may have some ideas.

Good luck in your search. Let us know how it's going for you.
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What I learned as I tried to get one for my mother when she lost her ability to walk and does have arthritis. Yes they would cover it for her physical needs, with the right diagnosis, however Dementia on record is a red flag. This infuriated me, I felt discriminated against. Demanded they test her out with one! Egg on my face, what I saw, in my particular case, it was very unsafe I made the decision not to pursue any further!
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