She is also in the beginning stages of dementia.

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Her physician should have all kinds of info available. You can also contact American Foundation for the Blind, they have a website. Also you local senior services agency. There are many programs and lots of assistance available. Good luck.
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You start looking at facilities NOW because you will need them later.
Blind is not her biggest obstacle, she probably knows the house by heart. But she will need someone in to cook meals, clean the house. In the beginning she may only need help once a week.
The thing you fear most is the dementia. Then you need someone to manage her meds, because she will mess them up. She will call you in the middle of the night because she heard a noise. She will turn on the stove and forget the pan and burn it. The power goes out, but she turns on the stove to light a candle and the kitchen is filling up with gas when she calls you about how to light the match for a candle. I'm not making this up, mom did it. That's when we moved her to Assisted Living. I don't want to rush you into this, but you stay two steps ahead of dementia if you can.
If you see anxiety, get anxiety meds. If you see depression you get her depression meds. Just stay ahead of the curve.
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