There are programs to pay parents, kids but no wives..

My husband is 68 and has multiple medical issues. He is diabetic, and has horrible neuropathy pain. He also has phantom pain from is below knee amputation from about 8 years ago. He has survived 5 heart attacks and his right coronary artery is 100% blocked and has been for several years which causes him daily chest pain. If that is not enough he has stenosis (narrowing) and arthritis in his back and spinal cord.
He has problems dressing (socks, shoes, belts, buttons). So far he can shower himself but feels better when I am in the house listening for any trouble. He has fallen a few times in the shower and many times around the house (once a month). His prosthetic leg never fits him quite right and makes him unstable. He always tells me he feel so much better mentally and physically when I am around, but I have to work to make ends meet. I always make sure he eats something when he takes his medications 4 times a day otherwise he doesn't feel well. If he's by himself and doesn't feel well he won't eat or drink what he needs to. If he can't walk on his prosthetic then he becomes non-ambulatory and needless to say, very depressed. If he goes to the hospital or gets very ill, I need to be there to keep him calm and make sure nurses and Doctors are doing their jobs. (No offense but mistakes happen and it is easy make one when he takes about 26 different medications. I can't hold down a job and do all that. My bosses are flexible but they are running a business that must keep going and I understand that.

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Look into whether hubs will be eligible for VAs Aid & Attendance program. This site has a whole section on VA issues. You might want to go to it....upper right on the blue banner has a section called Money & on that and a drop down list will pop up with Veterans as the last on that. Lots of good articles as well as q&a from others in similar situations. Good luck, dear.
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